Summer Camp // Better Off Without You

You’re breaking up with me? Huh? Is that right?

No. Fuck that.

Here’s the deal. No one likes to be shit on, especially repeatedly. And sometime’s we are incapable of realizing we are in this swirling shit-storm of a bad relationship that will continuously regurgitate feelings of resentment and fantasy futures that will never play out in real life. The point is, for all of us who are caught in these sticky situations, it’s time for us to recognize our true potential. What we deserve, many times, we don’t even offer as an opportunity for ourselves. There is a saying that tells us, “Make space in your life for all the glorious things you deserve.” If you are still making space for that asshole that slept with your roommate on your 21st birthday while you were passed out in your bed, then there is a problem deep in your brain that needs some work. Step outside of your relationship, as hard as it may be, and realize what you’re giving and what you’re getting in return from your significant other/asshole that you sleep with because you are horny, may in fact not be worth your extra-sticky efforts. (wink wink)

Point is, ladies, men, start sticking up for yourself. Take note of all the time you have invested in a person opposed to the time you took to invest in yourself. And for once in your life you may understand that it’s okay to sit at home on a Thursday night drinking wine alone in your bedroom watching reruns of The Office, instead of being at some seedy pub waiting to get sweat on by a dude that’s missing one of his molars and is slightly lispy.


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