Clams Casino // Cold War

I tip the scales back and forth when deciding if I want a life of pleasure or a life of passion. Both, many times, intersect like that squished-up circle in the center of a Ven Diagram, but not always. But when I have something figured out as in grounds for permanent marker writing, I definitely don’t appreciate having someone blow up my phone shoving their pithy opinions down my throat. Keep it to yourself and don’t try to direct me politically, emotionally, or with any sort of declaration that you are doing so to “better me”.

With that being said, there are some certain facts us generation of Boomerang Babies needs to sort out. Those who are unemployed keep bitchin’ that it’s our down-in-the-dumps economy that has caused the disaster of our post-graduate lives. Yeah, the economy sucks. We are the first generation that probably won’t do better fiscally than our parent’s generation. And yet we sit and just complain about our circumstances. But revolution is always right around the corner – take a look at Occupy Wall Street. Change comes as quickly as does a foggy bend in the road that clears out as soon as you get your car back into second gear. (P.S. – To the asshole who hung the sign in the window saying “We are the 1%” – Go Fuck Yourself. That pompous display of mockery is not only one huge variable as to why our culture is mentally challenged when it comes to defining what is or isn’t important, but it also shows a terrible lack of class that you elitists are taught in your first-year of Sucking Dick 101.)

My point falls in the circumstances of the situation at hand. We were not blessed with a thriving economy, and as much as we are trying to help it back on it’s feet, that day may not be for awhile. Instead let’s turn our affairs into something that reeks of potluck dinner on a Sunday. Go out and talk with your friends and community, brainstorm, get ideas flowing – so that when you really don’t know what direction you will be thrown in, you still can harbor your big dreams. The act of taking a step in any direction will help motivate and inspire more than whining about what you have. Go do something – anything – that will create some sort of community effort to make the situation better. And while doing this, try and think of how you can help other people. Lots of times things that you do for other people because you genuinely want to try and help will prove to be some of your most fulfilling work.

Seminar’s complete. Go back to whatever it was five minutes ago that you were doing…that is if you even made it this far in my lecture.


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