Selah Sue // This World

Selah Sue. Even her name sounds like an ice cream flavor.

The texture of her voice as she barely moves her lips against the mic, only to grow wide-eyed and lunatic-like when she scats like an old blues player from the South seems to be what trolls in fans. I haven’t been able to pull away from watching her performances long enough to write a story, and even now all I can do is try and explain why I am addicted to her voice filled with conviction.

But then I’m reminded of those few, unmistakable women who have done this to me before. It could be the way they bite their lips in contemplation, maybe their profile and how they look poised from any angle, or quite possibly a raspy voice that always alludes a natural seduction; I’ve fallen in love over and over with girls that I don’t want to be with romantically or even friendly. I just want to stare at them like a snow-globe flipped on it’s head and watch in transfixion at the way they do nothing, and yet it bowls over people who put in even half the effort. I think most women (and men, at that) who win over admirers generally do so from their modest confidence and interests in the most unusual things. Look at music. It’s by far one of the most used conversation starters and an easy way to find similarities in every human interaction, yet Selah Sue seems to be singing just for herself. She’s not over-angsty, nor aggressive just because. It’s just commonplace for her. Organic and unscripted.

I can’t say enough about this chick without hinting at my huge girl-crush on her. This Belgium beaut needs to collaborate with Cris Cab  (possibly try dating) and then go from there. Until then, she will be rivaling stars like Adele and Ellie Goulding on the sheer magic of her voice and sea-blue eyes, while filling a heartbreaking void to the late Amy Winehouse. Rest easy lady.


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