Angus & Julie Stone // Big Jet Plane

This song will forever stand on it’s own. An opening entirely of strings followed by the Australian duo Angus and Julie Stone, it’s hard to get past the intimates that are sewn into the natural gravity this song carries. But the message bellows deep. There is so much more out there. We are tiny specks of nothing on an Earth that can easily be pinched away in a split-second.

The only mark we can leave is an invisible touch on someone’s soul. Not to see a world entirely through rose-colored glasses, but there is something to be said for scaling out; learning just how small one is compared to a universe that is unknown and even less explored. We are minute from the moment of conception to our last dying breath with exceptions: The time spent truly listening instead of trying to get a word in. Knowing to let things go. Realizing how insignificant money becomes. Understanding people have real problems and that not everyone is going to be having an extraordinary day…

Problem is, we are filtered into a stigma of linking happiness to monetary and temporary things instead of quickly learning that it’s moments with people that make life go’round. It’s silly really to get so preachy, especially coming from someone who has been accused, voluntarily, of being a whiny pessimist. But I guess sometimes I too get caught up in moments of bullshit and gossip — Who got fat. Who had a baby. It’s a Louis Vuitton vintage. She was a bitch to me last time I saw her; she barely said hello — that before I know it, it’s taken over. It’s shit like that; that stuff sucks you right in. You start seeing the world as far as your own nose stretches. You stop reading and decay on the Internet. You fall victim to pointless television and find cheap tricks to pass the time. Not saying this is all bad, but there is just too much out there that we are just letting slip by.

We are the promised youth, full of merit, in a very unpromising world.

If a reality check is needed, I always recommend Carl Sagen’s Pale Blue Dot. I suggest waiting til nighttime and watching it somewhere underneath the stars.


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