The Black Keys // Dearest

I grew up living a suburban lifestyle, went away to school in a big city, lived at the beach for a summer, and then moved out west to the golden coast. My modus operandi has always been these idyllic dreams that were just a touch away, and I made it a point to explore whenever I could. The only problem I bumped into was that I had only been referencing my future goals based off of which new city I could move to and settle.

And then I discovered Arizona, Montana, and Colorado on one of my cross-country trips and knew that a wrench had been thrown into my database of knowledge. I was walking on ground that was soft from loosened soil and I was interacting with a whole new breed of people.

The men took my breathe away. Just by looking at them you could tell they were good with their hands and had the simplest complexity to their kind-natured souls. I felt like I was thrown into these tiny towns not by choice but by chance. Some otherworldly messenger wanted me to be in the midst of strong-shouldered men, many with longer hair than mine, who didn’t spend their time on video games or deciding which new collared shirt to buy. They were involved in tools and car parts, camping and fishing. Sleeping under the stars was a better time for them than some pub in the middle of a city. But, they were versatile, which is something I am insistent with for any guy I want to be with.

I could picture these men throwing on a pair of ironed pants, cuffing the bottoms, and wearing their Sperry’s at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower or taking them to a dinner party where we would sit by candlelight and sip whiskey next to our companions, celebrating not just events but life itself. Men like this are few and far between and it’s definitely safe to say that women can be viewed the same. And while I always will enjoy a fun-loving kind of guy, I appreciate the basic traits these mountain-men carried. It was refreshing to encounter people who lived a more solitary lifestyle, who found happiness in mountains and rivers, under the stars as well an in the sheets.

My philosophies remain the same. I dream of one day leaving it all behind and settling in some hidden town set behind mountains with a perimeter of lakes. Where the coffee shop barista knows my name and knows that I’m picking up two coffees, not just one. Some place where on a fall afternoon I’ll be in the woods walking a steep cliff of rocks with a man I feel comfortable and safe with. Someone quite far from the one I took to the Tetons who couldn’t breathe because of a high altitude and years of smoking. Instead, I want someone with a rusted face from too much sun and a back that you could roll quarters down because he is just as cut as the slopes he takes to on wintery nights.

And just to mention, this is The Black Keys covering Buddy Holly. I dig it and hope you do too.


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