Twilight Galaxy // Metric (Remix by Gladkill)

Go higher than high // Go lower than deep

I’m a fantastical creature just like you, and him, and her. I scream and shout every word I spit because it’s the only way I know existence. I vary life from each peak and low, traversing with gigantic and unsteady strides. My bite is as fierce as my roar, yet the grace I catapult from each broken seam speaks my soul’s natural flutter. I’m hesitant to write fiction when all I have is an abundance of necessary truths and evils. But there is always this imaginary ledge I toy with — tiptoeing like a ballerina — not quite caring if I just jump



Here it is; just a song just another day. But something is wildly brewing in the mix of frost and rain. Eager ears will listen but eyes don’t read anymore. So it goes without saying that my efforts are wasted on myself and the one or two who have let me know they understood each sentence and exclamation, words bundled into jumbled thoughts. Suffering from that attention deficit bullshit — I have no shame when it comes to purging the very last of my ideas.

My blood boils at the site of abuse and waste. I bless those who have gone to hell and back. My wish is to link brains with people who have thoughts exterior to what is being fed. The mundane would kill me faster than a bullet. But I’ve always hated guns. Now more than ever.

Come back and enlighten me. Take me to the stars. Let me feel and breathe your soul, getting lost in your bundle of hair. I want to explode just recognizing that a person like you was ever made. Are you a gift? Who sent you.

Please forgive my ramblings, I was never good at writing out cards.


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