You and Me // Penny & The Quarters

Jupiter is daringly close to the moon. Coming from a moonperson, this is excitingly huge news.

I firmly believe the stars and the sky joined forces to send me today as a gift. I woke up bright and hungover and accomplished various tasks that really amounted to nothing extraordinary, but I still bounced through the day like I was high on Cloud 9. And I had no real motive for this good mood besides warm sunshine, endless music, and fairly exhausting daydreams.

And the cards played out better than intended. Good news floated in and out like a regular customer. I had continuously nice, yet simple, conversations with old faces and new friends. And I was able to drive through the backwoods just like I normally do, letting the warm air infiltrate my rickety old wheels. It was one of those days that you could write about in a children’s book and somewhere in the world please a few friendly ears.

Tonight will be something similar. Close friends, films full of that teasingly-good, loving consistency, and lots of moments towering like building blocks into a backpocket-kind-of-memory. Bliss. True bliss was succeeded today by the grace of the moon and Jupiter’s friendly hello.

The only way to share the faintest pinnacle of my day is to give you this overly addicting video/song combination. It surely doesn’t hurt that Ryan Gosling (performing here on Jimmy Kimmel) has 90 things I look for in any guy, especially when overly exaggerated in a film like Blue Valentine; it must be his natural shyness yet shining confidence just in the right moments. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, expect at least a few tears because it definitely twists for an interesting ending.

But if you just want to pretend like you’re sneaking a few kisses underneath a brightly lit sky, then by all means…

And I must thank Cory for today. Somewhere, wherever you are, you still are making quite the impression. Looking forward to seeing you somewhere along our never-ending journey.


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