Up Up Up // Givers (CSS Remix)

Small-town syndrome. News spreads like the plague. Bad things happen more frequently than not, and while they shock us, we are never that surprised. We’ve had a history of brutality, scandal, nationwide-newsworthy stories, and too much loss. And there is not much to say except silent prayers for those who are really in it.

But, things will be on the up and up again. It might take time, pain, grief, and a mighty struggle, but things are bound to look up. Especially when you’re beaten on the ground, scrounging for the last leg of any fight you may still have — life is a continuum. It is supposed to go on. So for everyone who is wrestling with thoughts of ending it, remember the ones  you are about to leave behind. It’s going to be fucking hell for them.

So for another drizzly, Northeastern day with a conglomerate of people struggling to see the light, it’s there babes. It’s tucked behind the clouds, nestled in the frost, muted beneath the rain. And it might not be the easiest of times, and you may want to strangle something as you are trying to mend the broken pieces, but life will move forward with or without you. Remember who you love, what you are truly grateful for, and trust that you will heal in due time.

In no way is this post meant to haste grief or death. My thoughts are with everyone who is fighting for sanity today. I’m so unbelievably sorry for the loss that is now left on your plates. Keep strong and life will carry on.


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