Sail // Awolnation


To me this is the definition of a perfect video. A one-song soundtrack synced to some crazy awesome shit that sucks you in.

This dude is a male siren. A bit skinny for my taste but the cuts in his back and stomach absolutely make up for it. He’s a good fuck I’d say. Not bad on the eyes but like Dionysus in the sheets — sans orgy because this frenchie is clearly a lover of one (or two) ladies at a time, but not a bukaki kinda guy.

To think a body can move like this. That we’re capable of convincing ourselves that this is what we have minds for. To learn new acts that are as cool as this. Shit’s possible; all of it. We just have to try and practice and “think we can-think we can” and practice some more. Set down McCarthy writes as the voice of Suttree’s pals. All these dudes roamed old train cars and walked in barren farm towns up and down the southeastern coast not trying to do much at all. But it was fine for them, and it’s even more fine for this backdoor dancer who tortures his body into submissive pleasure. And mine too. It’s been on repeat and I’m stoned just enough to fantasize about trying something like this out sometime soon.


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