Ratatat // Cherry

It’s been a year of the moons. New moons, full moons, bare slivers of moon carefully showing herself as I walked home to my apartment in the LES. I understand fully that I was born from the moon and that my soul is very, very old. Not only have I lived a thousands lives, but I understand that my past self is quietly showing herself to me now in the present text. I am humbled and peaceful feeling my soul live underneath the skies of today, but I am very unrelaxed knowing that I can’t have everything I want.

This is good though. This is the heart of spirituality, or so I tell myself day in and day out. I must let people go in order to rectify my past. I must not possess anything including arbitrary items and the more resounding notions that canopy love. I have to let go. Simple as that.

And yet when I get stoned with you and we are able to look at each other resting our eyes inches away from each other’s face, I see how important it was that you came back to me in this life. How our souls found each other once again and now, in my moment of fight or flight, I know I have to let it be. I have to let you go off into the world and try life the way you believe is your moral responsibility. And as for me, I know I need to go see the world and how people live in it apart from the very comfortable and socially-regulated world was I born into.

While I am very grateful and humbled that I have been given this chance, and while I recognize that I live in a free and modernized World that structures itself through democracy and not religious-obligations, I understand my search has only begun still. It is now my life’s duty to figure out what I am meant to do in order to be a better person and do better for the happiness of others; to fix my past by being the person I know I can be.

By this, I realize I am graciously declining coming to your house and blowing the lid off the pot. I must quietly swallow the burdens life has given me, be completely thankful that I met you again in this life, and then pray that how we kiss is never forgotten in the thousand lives we are meant to live together.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that if I let go of us in this life and let us figure out what we should be doing apart from being together, maybe in our next lives (or even down the line in this one), we will have been able to figure out what went wrong but why we were blessed with our final opportunity to make it right. To be together as nature and the moon always intended.

So tragic yet so beautiful…

such is life


(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay // Otis Redding

Why this song is the best song of all time.

It says hello as kindly as it says farewell. It isn’t the bit narcissistic but as familiar as an old story told by your grandfather. It knows when to pause and listen. It whistles while it works but it’s only job is to sit and watch the waves roll in; even they are delicate and equable. Kind eyes are the hearth and home of a vacation spot. Warm feet crush softly as they trek against gritty sand. Lips kiss crevices on shoulders that are tanned and tender. Growing old — while fitting to think as a theme — is really too far away from the present. It wants to waste indefinite time in the tide, trying hard to stay clear of focus. There is no one or nothing to miss. Why miss anything when you have the morning sun as a guide til evenin’ come?

Otis knew how to live. He let his skin adapt to the winds and measures while keeping an ongoing tempo within heartbeats. I will waste so much time on the dock that my bones will be more than rested. The dock will be my home. And if you come back ’round, maybe you’ll stay awhile too. But if I never see you again, I’ll be there with myself — hands, eyes, heart, and hips — ready. There is comfort in my heavy eyes as I write this from the floor of my dining room on my makeshift bed. And this current dock, while not the steadiest, is definitely one of the most understanding.

You and Me // Penny & The Quarters

Jupiter is daringly close to the moon. Coming from a moonperson, this is excitingly huge news.

I firmly believe the stars and the sky joined forces to send me today as a gift. I woke up bright and hungover and accomplished various tasks that really amounted to nothing extraordinary, but I still bounced through the day like I was high on Cloud 9. And I had no real motive for this good mood besides warm sunshine, endless music, and fairly exhausting daydreams.

And the cards played out better than intended. Good news floated in and out like a regular customer. I had continuously nice, yet simple, conversations with old faces and new friends. And I was able to drive through the backwoods just like I normally do, letting the warm air infiltrate my rickety old wheels. It was one of those days that you could write about in a children’s book and somewhere in the world please a few friendly ears.

Tonight will be something similar. Close friends, films full of that teasingly-good, loving consistency, and lots of moments towering like building blocks into a backpocket-kind-of-memory. Bliss. True bliss was succeeded today by the grace of the moon and Jupiter’s friendly hello.

The only way to share the faintest pinnacle of my day is to give you this overly addicting video/song combination. It surely doesn’t hurt that Ryan Gosling (performing here on Jimmy Kimmel) has 90 things I look for in any guy, especially when overly exaggerated in a film like Blue Valentine; it must be his natural shyness yet shining confidence just in the right moments. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, expect at least a few tears because it definitely twists for an interesting ending.

But if you just want to pretend like you’re sneaking a few kisses underneath a brightly lit sky, then by all means…

And I must thank Cory for today. Somewhere, wherever you are, you still are making quite the impression. Looking forward to seeing you somewhere along our never-ending journey.

Selah Sue // This World

Selah Sue. Even her name sounds like an ice cream flavor.

The texture of her voice as she barely moves her lips against the mic, only to grow wide-eyed and lunatic-like when she scats like an old blues player from the South seems to be what trolls in fans. I haven’t been able to pull away from watching her performances long enough to write a story, and even now all I can do is try and explain why I am addicted to her voice filled with conviction.

But then I’m reminded of those few, unmistakable women who have done this to me before. It could be the way they bite their lips in contemplation, maybe their profile and how they look poised from any angle, or quite possibly a raspy voice that always alludes a natural seduction; I’ve fallen in love over and over with girls that I don’t want to be with romantically or even friendly. I just want to stare at them like a snow-globe flipped on it’s head and watch in transfixion at the way they do nothing, and yet it bowls over people who put in even half the effort. I think most women (and men, at that) who win over admirers generally do so from their modest confidence and interests in the most unusual things. Look at music. It’s by far one of the most used conversation starters and an easy way to find similarities in every human interaction, yet Selah Sue seems to be singing just for herself. She’s not over-angsty, nor aggressive just because. It’s just commonplace for her. Organic and unscripted.

I can’t say enough about this chick without hinting at my huge girl-crush on her. This Belgium beaut needs to collaborate with Cris Cab  (possibly try dating) and then go from there. Until then, she will be rivaling stars like Adele and Ellie Goulding on the sheer magic of her voice and sea-blue eyes, while filling a heartbreaking void to the late Amy Winehouse. Rest easy lady.

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